a way of life, a way of relating to our modern life and to our history. Our vision of a Viking life, where the daily chores can take time and you find peace in it, a life where there is time for reflection and time for socializing, a time travel where you for a moment can put your modern life on hold.

We dream of shaping a Viking living where we try to recreate life as it was in the Viking age, to give our re-creation a geographical place, give us and others an opportunity to have space to take deep breaths, to find peace, to find time.


When we started with reenactment, we chose our Viking names unknowingly about their meaning. The choice was simple as one of is named Inga as a second name and the other's family name is Ingeborg. Then when we were going to give a name to our vision, we started to read about the meaning of the names and it was as if everything fell into place.


The rune stands for what stays with us and follows us even after a great change, intense development or into the next life when we die; the very essence of who we are.

It is both the qualities that exist and the power that preserves and further them. It also accounts for the genes and information that the genes contain that live on in our offspring after our own death.

The ing rune is continuity. To live on. It helps us charge new energy and then retain it until we need it. The rune tells us that life is not just a plant. As a seed needs to lie in the ground and mature before it grows, we may also need to pull away for recreation, reflection and to recharge the batteries. We also need time to mature in peace and security in order to make progress and thrive. But the rune also accounts for the explosion of plant and development that often follows such a period of inward rest, as does spring's intense activity in nature after a winter of dormancy.

It stands for the tremendous achievements we can achieve after wise preparation and rest and for the fantastic ideas we only get when we decide to take a break. As a life-run, it is healing, not least for those who suffer from the suites of stress or poor self-esteem and need to pull away, focus inward and rest. It is a good support for anyone who wants to get to know themselves or grow as a person. It can help give us hope for the future, but it can also help us remember. It is a rune that stabilizes and creates harmony.


is the rune of life and vara is the feminine form of var meaning warrior / protector / descendant. Ingvara can be interpreted as the protector of life / (Vikinga) descendants of life